Duration: 4 days
Location: Ponza, Palmarola, Zannone, Ventotene, Santo Stefano
Price: € 590
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The Archipelago

The island group is situated in the Central Tyrrhenian Sea, about 25 nautical miles off the coast lying between Rome and Naples. The archipelago is the result of volcanic activity displaying five different islands, each of them representing a real jewel of Mediterranean landscape. Beside its naturalistic value the Pontine Archipelago is also an important historical and cultural heritage that must be discovered.


The activities

During the cruise participants will experience the mood of sailors, explorers  and curious scientists, driven by the Captain and the Marine Biologist.

Participants will face a basic sail course and learn first tricks, marine knots and share the on board activities which will be assigned as navigation turns, meals preparation and boat  maintenance. This with amusing, sharing, cooperating spirit typical of sailors’ life.

During each sailing crossing  guests will take part to whale watching activities while when moored  into the enchanting coves they will be guided into snorkeling, sea-watching excursions in order to discover and study the Mediterranean undersea fauna and flora.

Pontine Islands are thus the perfect place where practicing basic sailing and learning about the Mediterranean marine life.



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Day 1 Nettuno – Ponza

10:00 am leaving from Nettuno, sailing for 36 nautical miles towards Ponza: the largest island of the archipelago surrounded by pristine waters at the bottom of white rocky cliffs, arches, bays and caves, offering landscapes of stunning beauty. Here nature offers a spectacular coast to explore by swimming  or standing on board sailing around as well.

The little town center surrounds the fishermen port like an amphitheater with its colored little houses, narrow alleys, typical stores and restaurants.

Overnight mooring in one of the lovely, little bays, the shore offers or in Ponza marina.


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Day 2 Ponza – Ventotene

Departure from Ponza after a fresh morning swim and breakfast, towards Ventotene sailing for 22 nautical miles. Ventotene is the second main Pontine Island: a small, rocky, tuff stone rising out of the sea. Its charm and beauty fascinated and convinced the Roman emperor August to establish his summer home here almost two thousands years ago. It had been a Roman port since that time and it  has not changed until now. On the top of the port the little village brings you back in time, there it is still possible to see the ruins of old premises carved into tuff by the Romans.

The beauty of its underwater environment and preserved wild nature, included the island in the Natural Public Reserve of Ventotene and Santo Stefano Islands since 1997.

Overnight mooring in the bay in front of the village or in the Roman Port.


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Day 3 Ventotene/Santo Stefano – Palmarola

Departure after breakfast from Ventotene to Santo Stefano, located about 1 nautical mile east from Ventotene. On the island there is only one ancient building, an old prison built during the Bourbon period, around 1794, used till 1965. Nowadays it is visitable and an interesting guided tour of its premises will be scheduled.

After the visit of Santo Stefano we will sail for 28 nautical miles toward Palmarola, situated  6 nautical miles north from Ponza. The famous oceanographer  Jacques Cousteau defined it “one of the most beautiful island in the world”, nowadays it is an uninhabited island, a real paradise for activities such as snorkeling.

Overnight mooring in one of the sheltered natural harbors of Palmarola.




Day 4 Palmarola – Nettuno

Snorkeling and exploring Palmarola turquoise waters. The island also presents fishermen’s houses excavated into the rock, an astonishing system of sea stacks, arches and particular rocky formations and caves shaped and sculptured by the wind and water action, one of them is called “The Cathedral” thanks to the shape that reminds us of a majestic Gothic cathedral.

After lunch the last sailing for 36 nautical miles back to Nettuno around 5:00 pm.




Price includes:

  • breakfast, lunch and dinner on board
  • overnight in natural bays
  • sail course
  • marine biology course and excursions
  • Ponza and Ventotene villages excursions
  • ASC Insurance and ASC Sport Card
  • photo book and video


Price does not include:

  • overnight in harbors
  • visit of Santo Stefano Prison
  • fuel
  • arrival/way back  to/from Nettuno


The boat:

 The motor sailboat “Giada” is a Delphia 40 equipped both for regatta and leisure sailing cruise.
  • Max length 12 m
  • Width 3.94 m
  • Sailing surface 76 m²
  • 4 double cabins for guests
  • 2 bathrooms

Reservation time: within 15th June

Number of participants: 6



Departure time at 10:00 am from Nettuno – Arrival time 5:00 pm to Nettuno

  • from Sunday 3rd to Wednesday 6th July 2016
  • from Thursday 7th to Sunday 10th July 2016
  • from Monday 18th to Thursday 21st July 2016


The itinerary may change and is strictly up to the Captain decision, depending on  sea-forecasts and weather conditions, always in compliance of full safety conditions.